BL1430, 14,4V, 3000mAh

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Li-ion replacement battery for Makita type BL1430, 14,4V, 3Ah

This battery contains Samsung cells.

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This battery is compatible with:

Makita BCL140Z
Makita BDA340RFX
Makita BDF343RHE
Makita BDF343SHE
Makita BDF343RHEX
Makita BDF440
Makita BDF440RFX
Makita BDF440Z
Makita BDF441RFE
Makita BDF441RFX
Makita BDF441Z
Makita BDF442
Makita BDF442RFX
Makita BDF445RHE
Makita BFR440SFE
Makita BFR440RFE
Makita BFR540
Makita BFR540RFX
Makita BFR540Z 
Makita BFR550RFX
Makita BFS440
Makita BFS440RFX

Makita BGA450Z
Makita BGA450RFE
Makita BHP343Z
Makita BHP441Z
Makita BHP440
Makita BHP440RFX
Makita BHP441RFX
Makita BHP442RFX
Makita BHR162
Makita BHR162RFX
Makita BHR162SFE
Makita BHR162Z
Makita BJR141Z
Makita BJS160RFX
Makita BJS160ZX
Makita BJS161RFX
Makita BJS161ZX
Makita BJV140Z

Makita BJV140RFE
Makita BJV140RFX
Makita BML145

Makita BMR100
Makita BPT350RFX
Makita BPT350Z
Makita BST110RFX
Makita BTD130
Makita BTD130F
Makita BTD130FRFX
Makita BTD130FSFER
Makita BTD130FSFEW
Makita BTD130FW
Makita BTD130FZ
Makita BTD130RFX
Makita BTD132RFX
Makita BTD130SFE
Makita BTD140ZX

Makita BTD144RFX
Makita BTL060RFX
Makita BTL060Z
Makita BTL061RFX
Makita BTL062RFX
Makita BTP130
Makita BTP130RFX
Makita BTP130SFE
Makita BTP130Z
Makita BTS130
Makita BTS130SFE
Makita BTS130Z
Makita BTS130RFX
Makita BTW250
Makita BTW250Z
Makita BTW250RFX
Makita BSS500Z
Makita BSS500RFX
Makita BST220RFX


Makita BVR340
Makita BVR440
Makita DF330DWE

Makita LXT200
Makita TD130D

Makita TD130DRFXR
Makita TD130DRFX
Makita TD130DRFXW
Makita TD130DZ
Makita TD131D
Makita TD131DRFX
Makita TD131DRFXR
Makita TD131DRFXW
Makita TD131DZ
Makita TD132DRFXW
Makita TD132DZ
Makita TD132DRFX
Makita TD132D
Makita TD132DRFXB
Makita TW152D
Makita TW152DRFX
Makita TW152DZ