Bulex Thermo MASTER T 25_30

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Condensing gas heater (Belgium) (art. nr 0010016078)
Bulex mounting plate to be ordered separately (recommended accessorie).

Heating + domestic hot water production.
Natural gas.
Heating Body in cast aluminum / silicon.
Hot start function.
Boiler with forced removal.
Connection thermostat ON / OFF or eBus.
Diagnosis Codes.
Frost protection, water shortage protection.
Built-in expansion tank (10L), pressure relief valve and bypass. User-friendly display.
Cash conversion to propane.

The Thermo MASTER is the latest generation of condensing boilers and manufactured with latest and proven technologies and made from high quality materials. By using these technologies, this boiler ensures a higher yield and she offers lifelong comfort.

This boiler is designed with a focus on simplicity. So she is very compact, making them easy to install. All components are in the same housing and are accessible from the front, this greatly simplifies maintenance.

You have no less than 10 years Bulex warranty on the heating unit and 2 years on other components.


Model T 18/25 T 25/30 T 30/35
Energieklasse verwarming A A A
Energieklasse warm water A A A
Installatie Muraal Muraal Muraal
Technologie Condensatie Condensatie Condensatie
Gebruik Verwarming en warm water Verwarming en warm water Verwarming en warm water Verwarming en warm water
Karakteristieken voor verwarming
Modulerend vermogen verwarming (kW) 5 - 18,1 6 - 25 7 - 30
Nominaal vermogen in deellastbedrijf (30°C) bij 40/30°C (%) 108,50 108,50 108,50
Karakteristieken voor sanitair
Vermogen voor warmwaterproductie (kW) 25,2 30 35
Sanitair debiet Δt=25°C (kW - l/m) 25,2 - 14,5 30 - 17,3 35 - 20,2
Evacuatie verbrande gassen Gedwongen afvoer Gedwongen afvoer Gedwongen afvoer
Overige kenmerken
Gewicht 32,1kg 32,8kg 32,9kg
Afmetingen H 740 - B 418 - D 300 mm H 740 - B 418 - D 300 mm H 740 - B 418 - D 300 mm

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