EURO OK counterfeit detector (the real original!)

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EURO OK counterfeit detector

EURO-OK makes counterfeit money detectors which are of very high quality. They are made entirely in the Netherlands from super quality materials.


According to the Dutch Bank one of the three best solutions against counterfeit money

For counterfeit banknotes you do not get anything back from the bank.
One counterfeit banknote receipt and your loss is bigger than the cost of this device!

Fast, discreet and efficient check of banknotes for authenticity.

Ultraviolet characteristics are to counterfeit. This means that in many cases, control of this security feature is no longer sufficient. In almost all found on the market falsifications were UV features.

With the purchase of the Euro-ok you can see at a glance whether your euro banknote is GOOD or FALSE.

Many security features are distinguished.
The Euro-ok is very user-friendly. Virtually anyone can use the Euro-ok.
A fantastic device that excels in simplicity.
The Euro-ok works with ordinary light instead of the harmful UV light and immediately shows many security features.
Simple, easy to use and reliable

220V adapter supplied as standard
Free window sticker prevention.
The Euro-OK is a device that is very user friendly and also works preventively.

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