Jupio DeWalt DCB180 series - Li-ion 18V 3000mAh - Accu Powertool

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art.nr. PDW0027

Battery Specifications:

Capacity: 3000mAh
Output voltage: 18V
Battery color: Black
Gewicht: 615.00g
Dimensions (lxbxh): 113.20 x 75.90 x 64.40 mm
Battery technology: Li-ion
Origin of cells: Japan/Korea

Compatible with the following part numbers

DeWalt DCB180
DeWalt DCB181
DeWalt DCB181-XJ
DeWalt DCB200
DeWalt DCB201
DeWalt DCB201-2
DeWalt N123282
DeWalt N123283
Compatible with the following tools
DeWalt DCD740B
DeWalt DCD740C1
DeWalt DCD780B
DeWalt DCD780C2
DeWalt DCD780L2
DeWalt DCD785C2
DeWalt DCD785L2
DeWalt DCD985B
DeWalt DCD985L2
DeWalt DCD985XR
DeWalt DCF880C1-JP
DeWalt DCF883B
DeWalt DCF883L2
DeWalt DCF885B
DeWalt DCF885C2
DeWalt DCF885L2
DeWalt DCF895B
DeWalt DCF895C2
DeWalt DCF895L2
DeWalt DCG412
DeWalt DCG412B
DeWalt DCG412L2
DeWalt DCH214L2
DeWalt DCR016
DeWalt DCR017
DeWalt DCR019
DeWalt DCS331B
DeWalt DCS331L1
DeWalt DCS331L2
DeWalt DCS331N
DeWalt DCS380B
DeWalt DCS380L1
DeWalt DCS380L2
DeWalt DCS381
DeWalt DCS391B
DeWalt DCS391L1
DeWalt DCS391L2
DeWalt DCS393