Jupio DeWalt DE9039 series - Ni-Cd 18V Black - Accu Powertool

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art.nr. PDW0016

Battery Specifications:

Capacity: 2400mAh
Output voltage: 18V
Battery color: Black
Weight: 832.00g
Dimensions (lxbxh): 136.80 x 85.43 x 113.00 mm
Battery technology: Ni-Cd
Origin of cells: Japan/Korea

Compatible with the following part numbers

DeWalt DC9096
DeWalt DE9039
DeWalt DE9095
DeWalt DE9096
DeWalt DE9098
DeWalt DE9503
DeWalt DW9095
DeWalt DW9096
DeWalt DW9098

Compatible with the following tools

DeWalt DC212
DeWalt DC212KA
DeWalt DC212KB
DeWalt DC212N
DeWalt DC213KB
DeWalt DC330
DeWalt DC330K
DeWalt DC330KA
DeWalt DC330KB
DeWalt DC330N
DeWalt DC380KA
DeWalt DC380KB
DeWalt DC380N
DeWalt DC385
DeWalt DC385K
DeWalt DC390
DeWalt DC390K
DeWalt DC390KA
DeWalt DC390KB
DeWalt DC390N
DeWalt DC410
DeWalt DC410KA
DeWalt DC410KB
DeWalt DC410N
DeWalt DC490KA
DeWalt DC515K
DeWalt DC520KA
DeWalt DC527 (Flash Light)

Compatible with the following tools

DeWalt DC530KA
DeWalt DC550
DeWalt DC550KA
DeWalt DC616K
DeWalt DC618
DeWalt DC618K
DeWalt DC618KA
DeWalt DC668KA
DeWalt DC721KA
DeWalt DC721KB
DeWalt DC725KB
DeWalt DC729KA
DeWalt DC759
DeWalt DC759KA
DeWalt DC759KB
DeWalt DC920KA
DeWalt DC925
DeWalt DC925KA
DeWalt DC925KB
DeWalt DC925VA
DeWalt DC926KA
DeWalt DC926VA
DeWalt DC987
DeWalt DC987KA
DeWalt DC987KB
DeWalt DC988
DeWalt DC988KA
DeWalt DC988KB
DeWalt DC988VA

Compatible with the following tools

DeWalt DC989KA
DeWalt DC989VA
DeWalt DC998KB
DeWalt DCD920B2
DeWalt DCD925
DeWalt DCD925B2
DeWalt DW056
DeWalt DW056K
DeWalt DW056K-2
DeWalt DW056N
DeWalt DW057K
DeWalt DW057K-2
DeWalt DW057N
DeWalt DW059
DeWalt DW059K-2
DeWalt DW908 (Flash Light)
DeWalt DW919 (Flash Light)
DeWalt DW932
DeWalt DW933
DeWalt DW933K
DeWalt DW934
DeWalt DW934K-2
DeWalt DW934K2
DeWalt DW934K2H
DeWalt DW936
DeWalt DW936K
DeWalt DW938
DeWalt DW938K
DeWalt DW959K-2

Compatible with the following tools

DeWalt DW960
DeWalt DW960K
DeWalt DW960K-2
DeWalt DW987
DeWalt DW987KQ
DeWalt DW988
DeWalt DW988KQ
DeWalt DW989
DeWalt DW995
DeWalt DW997
DeWalt DW997K-2
DeWalt DW999
DeWalt DW999K
DeWalt DW999K-2
DeWalt DW999K2
DeWalt DW999K2H
DeWalt DW999KQ
Wurth BS 18-A
Wurth HL 18-A
Wurth STP 18-A