ACD blockbuster 4,8m² with horticultural glass (215 x 224)

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Blockbuster 4,8m² with horticultural glass (Art. 140020)
- Dimensions 215cm x 224cm
- Gutter height 1,23m
- Maximum height 1,91m
- Aluminium frame
- 1 sliding door
- 1 skylight

Foundation in aluminum is available as an option

This article comes home to the transportation company ACD in Beglium as a DIY kit!

Delivery: 3 to 6 weeks after receiving payment.

The blockbuster is an entry-level model with a good price-performance ratio.
The open aluminum profiles are 1.5 mm thick, whereas the standard normally represent 1.2 mm. The greenhouses are equipped with 3 mm clear safety glass or greenhouse glass.
The glass of the side walls and the roof is completely clear.

The construction is done with aluminum nuts and bolts, the glazing is done with glass clips.
This model is equipped with a sliding door with a door opening of 60 cm.
The self-supporting foundation in galvanized steel is an option and ensures a quick installation.

A big advantage of a foundation in aluminum: no concrete foundation needed!