ACD Colonial Dubbel Poly 6,69m² (1,83 x 3,66)

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183 x 366 cm (Art. 140352)
• Polycarbonate plates (4 mm thick).

The Colonial greenhouse consists of polycarbonate sheets. This makes this greenhouse is very strong, but also very light.
This greenhouse is in a compact package, making it easy to transport.
• Polycarbonate = virtually unbreakable.
• Revolving door with hinges for smoother operation.
• Includes foundation.
• Sturdy rust-resistant aluminum frame for long lasting durability.
• High ridge to create a better workspace.
• Weining maintenance.
• Reduce the exposure of sunlight

This article comes home to the transportation company ACD as a DIY kit!

Delivery: 3 to 6 weeks after receiving payment.

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