ACD Cultiabris Basic 12m² (300 x 400 x 240)

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300 x 400 x 240 cm H

• UV-resistant, reinforced polyethylene (200 microns)
• 2 zipper doors (rollable)

The Culti'abris is a tunnel of excellence.
Ideal to cover in a large area for a limited budget.
The foil tunnel ensures faster warming of the soil in the spring, so get there early planted or sown
can be. The tunnel provides an ideal shelter from the wind.
In winter, the tunnel protects your plants from cold winds and wet feet, which are usually the causes of plant mortality in cold seasons.
• UV-resistant polyethylene
• Construction: treated steel (diameter 34 mm)
• Ground Anchors included
• Simple and effective system for stretching the tarpaulin
• Smart, sturdy connection system that provides a sturdy construction and easy assembly

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