ACD professional propagator Prestige 6.12M2 (140x437)

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Art. 227400 Professional propagator 6.12 m²: 140 cm x 437 cm
(6 windows on three rails)
lid and side walls
Alu frame: € 1699 inc VAT.
Frame in RAL color: € 2337 inc VAT (available through 'propagator - options.

The sides consist of double-walled, transparent
polycarbonate sheets of 16 mm thickness. The lid is
4 mm thick safety glass. The front is 35 cm high
and the back side is 45 cm.

FREE home delivery
12 year guarantee for ACD
Windows in safety

Delivery time 5 weeks, 7 weeks in RAL color
+ 2 weeks for assembly by ACD (available via 'propagator- Options'
  after receiving payment
(according to availability and scheduling ACD)

The possibility exists that you only buy the cover itself and creates the side panels
(for example in concrete or wooden panels). (SEE IN 'propagator- options)