FEIN ASCM 14 (14V/4Ah) 4-speed cordless drill/driver

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The most powerful FEIN cordless drill/driver: with brushless motor and 4-speed gearbox (14V/4Ah).

4-speed solid metal gearbox.

Brushless FEIN PowerDrive motor with 30% higher efficiency.

Lithium ion storage battery with FEIN SafetyCell Technology. A separate communication cable protects the battery and tool from overload.

3-year FEIN PLUS warranty including battery and charger.

Solid metal quick-clamping drill chuck.

Electronic torque setting.

Motor and electronics have full dust protection.

1200 screw connections with one battery charge.

Fixes 8 x 300 mm screws without pre-drilling.

High speeds for fast, precise drilling.

Carbide-tipped clamping jaws are a highly reliable way to hold round drill shafts.

Included in price:

  • 1 cordless drill/driver
  • 2 battery packs (Li-ion)
  • 1 rapid charger ALG 50
  • 1 plastic carrying case

Technical data

  • Battery voltage14,4 V
  • Battery capacity4 Ah
  • Motorbrushless
  • Gearbox4-speed
  • max. torque for hard screwdriving operation, approx.85 Nm
  • Speed, no load400 / 800 / 1 950 / 3 850 rpm
  • Max. torque85 Nm
  • Fastening8 x 300 mm
  • Capacity in wood Ø50 mm
  • Capacity in steel Ø13 mm
  • Weight with battery2,1 kg

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