Jupio DeWalt DE0240 series - Ni-Cd 24V - Accu Powertool

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art.nr. PDW0001

Battery Specifications:

Capacity: 2400mAh
Output voltage: 24V
Battery color: Black
Weight: 1284.00g
Dimensions (lxbxh): 131.70 x 100.45 x 96.00 mm
Battery technology: Ni-Cd
Origin of cells: Japan/Korea

Compatible with the following part numbers:

DeWalt DE0240
DeWalt DE0240-XJ
DeWalt DE0241
DeWalt DE0243
DeWalt DE0243-XJ
DeWalt DW0240
DeWalt DW0242

Compatible with the following tools

DeWalt DC222KA
DeWalt DC222KB
DeWalt DC223KA
DeWalt DC223KB
DeWalt DC224KA
DeWalt DC224KB
DeWalt DW004
DeWalt DW004K
DeWalt DW004K-2
DeWalt DW004K2C
DeWalt DW004K2H
DeWalt DW005
DeWalt DW005K-2
DeWalt DW005K2C
DeWalt DW005K2H
DeWalt DW006K
DeWalt DW006K-2
DeWalt DW006K2XE
DeWalt DW006KH
DeWalt DW007
DeWalt DW007C2
DeWalt DW007K
DeWalt DW007K-2
DeWalt DW007K-XE
DeWalt DW007KH
DeWalt DW008K
DeWalt DW008K-2
DeWalt DW008K-XE
DeWalt DW008KH
DeWalt DW017
DeWalt DW017K2
DeWalt DW017K2H
DeWalt DW017N