Jupio DeWalt DE9036 series - Ni-MH 9.6V - Accu Powertool

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art.nr. PDW0004

Battery Specifications:

Capacity: 3000mAh
Output voltage: 9.6V
Battery color: Black
Weight: 553.00g
Dimensions (lxbxh): 81.00 x 81.00 x 107.70 mm
Battery technology: Ni-MH
Origin of cells: Japan/Korea

Compatible with the following part numbers

DeWalt DE 9036
DeWalt DE 9061
DeWalt DE 9062
DeWalt DE9036
DeWalt DE9061
DeWalt DE9062
DeWalt DW 9061
DeWalt DW 9062
DeWalt DW9061
DeWalt DW9062
Elu EZWA29
Elu EZWA30
Elu EZWA31
Elu EZWA37
Elu EZWA40
Elu EZWA41

Compatible with the following tools

DeWalt DC750KA
DeWalt DC855KA
DeWalt DW050
DeWalt DW050K
DeWalt DW902
DeWalt DW926
DeWalt DW926K
DeWalt DW926K-2
DeWalt DW955
DeWalt DW955K
DeWalt DW955K-2
Elu BSA-30
Elu BSA-31
Elu BSA-31K
Elu BSA-33
Elu BSA-34