Jupio DeWalt DE9037 series - Ni-Cd 12V Black - Accu Powertool

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art.nr. PDW0005

Battery Specifications:

Capacity: 2400mAh
Output voltage: 12V
Battery color: Black
Weight: 550.00g
Dimensions (lxbxh): 94.40 x 81.00 x 108.00 mm
Battery technology: Ni-Cd
Origin of cells: Japan/Korea

Compatible with the following part numbers

DeWalt 152250-27
DeWalt 397745-01
DeWalt DC9071
DeWalt DE9037
DeWalt DE9071
DeWalt DE9074
DeWalt DE9075
DeWalt DE9501
DeWalt DW9071
DeWalt DW9072

Compatible with the following tools

DeWalt 2802K
DeWalt 2812B
DeWalt 2812K
DeWalt 2832K
DeWalt 2852B
DeWalt 2861K-2
DeWalt 2872B
DeWalt 2872K-2
DeWalt 2872KQ
DeWalt 2898B
DeWalt 2898K
DeWalt DC013
DeWalt DC528 (Flash Light)
DeWalt DC540
DeWalt DC540K
DeWalt DC542
DeWalt DC542K
DeWalt DC612KA
DeWalt DC614KA
DeWalt DC727KA
DeWalt DC727KA-AR
DeWalt DC727KA-B2
DeWalt DC727VA
DeWalt DC740K-2
DeWalt DC740KA
DeWalt DC742KA
DeWalt DC743KA
DeWalt DC743KB
DeWalt DC745KA
DeWalt DC745KB
DeWalt DC756KA
DeWalt DC756KB
DeWalt DC840KA
DeWalt DC841KA

Compatible with the following tools

DeWalt DC845KA
DeWalt DC940KA
DeWalt DC945KB
DeWalt DC980KA
DeWalt DC980KA
DeWalt DC980KB
DeWalt DC981KA
DeWalt DC981KB
DeWalt DCD910KX
DeWalt DCD940B2
DeWalt DCD945B2
DeWalt DCDK12
DeWalt DW051K
DeWalt DW051K-2
DeWalt DW052K
DeWalt DW052K-2
DeWalt DW052K2H
DeWalt DW052Z
DeWalt DW053K
DeWalt DW053K-2
DeWalt DW053K2H
DeWalt DW904(Flash Light)
DeWalt DW907K-2
DeWalt DW907K2H
DeWalt DW907Z
DeWalt DW912
DeWalt DW915 (Flash Light)
DeWalt DW917 (Flash Light)
DeWalt DW924K-B2
DeWalt DW924K-B3
DeWalt DW924K2AR
DeWalt DW924K2B2
DeWalt DW924K2B3
DeWalt DW924K2BR

Compatible with the following tools

DeWalt DW927K
DeWalt DW927K-2
DeWalt DW927K2
DeWalt DW927KV-2
DeWalt DW930
DeWalt DW930K
DeWalt DW940K
DeWalt DW940K-2
DeWalt DW953
DeWalt DW953K
DeWalt DW953K-2
DeWalt DW953KF-2
DeWalt DW953KS-2
DeWalt DW953KV-2
DeWalt DW953RFK2
DeWalt DW965
DeWalt DW965K
DeWalt DW965K-2
DeWalt DW968K-2
DeWalt DW970
DeWalt DW971K-2
DeWalt DW972
DeWalt DW972B
DeWalt DW972K
DeWalt DW972K-2
DeWalt DW972KQ-2
DeWalt DW972KS-2
DeWalt DW972RLK2
DeWalt DW974K
DeWalt DW974K-2
DeWalt DW974KQ
DeWalt DW975B
DeWalt DW975K
DeWalt DW976K

Compatible with the following tools

DeWalt DW977B
DeWalt DW977K
DeWalt DW979
DeWalt DW979K
DeWalt DW979K-2
DeWalt DW979K2-BR
DeWalt DW980
DeWalt DW980K-2
DeWalt DW981
DeWalt DW981KD-2
DeWalt DW981KF-2
DeWalt DW981KQ