Jupio DeWalt DE9038 series - Ni-Cd 14.4V Black - Accu Powertool

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art.nr. PDW0010

Battery Specifications:

Capacity: 2400mAh
Output voltage: 14.4V
Battery color: Black
Weight: 648.00g
Dimensions (lxbxh): 113.80 x 80.80 x 108.20 mm
Battery technology: Ni-Cd
Origin of cells: Japan/Korea

Compatible with the following part numbers


Compatible with the following tools

DeWalt DC528 (Flash Light)
DeWalt DC551KA
DeWalt DC612KA
DeWalt DC613KA
DeWalt DC614KA
DeWalt DC615KA
DeWalt DC728KA
DeWalt DC730KA
DeWalt DC731KA
DeWalt DC731KB
DeWalt DC732KL
DeWalt DC733KA
DeWalt DC733KL
DeWalt DC735KA
DeWalt DC735KB
DeWalt DC757KA
DeWalt DC757KB
DeWalt DC830KA
DeWalt DC830KB
DeWalt DC835KA

Compatible with the following tools

DeWalt DC835KB
DeWalt DC930KA
DeWalt DC935KA
DeWalt DC935KB
DeWalt DC935VA
DeWalt DC936KA
DeWalt DC936VA
DeWalt DC983KA
DeWalt DC983SA
DeWalt DC984
DeWalt DC984KA
DeWalt DC984KB
DeWalt DC984VA
DeWalt DC985KA
DeWalt DC985VA
DeWalt DCD920KX
DeWalt DCD930B2
DeWalt DCD930KX
DeWalt DCD930VX

Compatible with the following 

DeWalt DCD935B2
DeWalt DW054K-2
DeWalt DW055K-2
DeWalt DW906
DeWalt DW918
DeWalt DW928K
DeWalt DW928K-2
DeWalt DW931K
DeWalt DW931K-2
DeWalt DW935
DeWalt DW935K
DeWalt DW937K
DeWalt DW941K
DeWalt DW941K-2
DeWalt DW954
DeWalt DW966K
DeWalt DW966K-2
DeWalt DW969K-2
DeWalt DW983K

Compatible with the following tools

DeWalt DW983K-2
DeWalt DW984
DeWalt DW984K-2
DeWalt DW985
DeWalt DW985K-2
DeWalt DW985KV-2
DeWalt DW991K-2
DeWalt DW992K-2
DeWalt DW994KQ
DeWalt DW996K-2
DeWalt DW996KQ